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To take; to get; to do; to make

Appunto di Grammatica Inglese

House fire

What should people do or ought not to do when fire breaks out; what to do in other to get out of the pressure area in a crowd.

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Verbi - To do and to make

appunto di inglese che spiega quando si deve usare il verbo to do e quando si deve usare il verbo to make

Verbo to do - Uso e significato

Appunto di grammatica inglese che analizza l'uso, il significato e la funzione dell'ausiliare to do all'interno della frase inglese.

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Past obligation - Had to / didn't have to / didn't need to + make someone do something

Presentazione del past obligation (had to / didn't have to / didn't need to), la costruzione inglese e la corrispondente costruzione italiana.

Inglese preparazione OFA - TOEIC

Appunti per la preparazione dell'esame di ammissione al Politecnico di Milano OFA o per l'ammissione alla laurea magistrale (TOEIC), con trattati i seguenti argomenti: -…

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Summer before University

What lots of high school students would like to do before moving into the university! And what you? What would you like to do? Follow some examples.

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Flash mobbing phenomenon

What is the meaning of flash mobbing, why do people decide to practise it and of what means has it got to do with the society.

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From nine to five

FROM NINE TO FIVE? TESTO choosing what you want to do in your working life can be an enormously difficult decision. A few very lucky individuals know exactly what…

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Festivals in Italy - Sardinia special

Festivals celebrated in Italy every year with values, what people do durings this day, people's conviction in regard to this issue.

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On the phone - Advice

Everyone of us has the liberty to do anything of his own. But in some cases we have to understand other peoples point of view and respect them.

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The world is my home, or is it?

Appunto in inglese: “Attitudes to friends” interviews Which of the two girls do you identify with more?

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Trips in North America - Meet bears

What it means to meet a baby bear, what people should do when they get to meet or be surprised by brown bears while on holiday trips.

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Letteratura Inglese - XVI, XVII, XVIII secolo

Appunti vari di letteratura inglese in italiano riguardanti il XVI, XVII, XVIII SECOLO con i seguenti temi: The Restoration The Glorious or Bloodless Revolution Jacobitism Literary…

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Inglese specialistico I

Appunti di Inglese contenenti le regole su: Plurale Plurali Irregolari Verbo To Be:Short Ansewers Articolo Indeterminativo Articolo Determinativo”The” Uso…

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Industrial Revolution in Britain

Industrial Revolution took place in Britain and here was the invention of new technologies. Some critics defined this period “a paradise for the rich, a purgatory…

Grammatica inglese (9)

Appunto di inglese con tesina del quinto livello di Trinity divisa in cinque punti: 1: Why I like it, 2: Getting around London, 3: Means of transports, 4: Things…

There should be a law ...

Teenagers say there opinions on why there should be law concerning different issues. What kids may or might not do if according to their ages.

Gap year - The journey of a lifetime

What a gap year is? What students normally do during this year and why it's important to take full advantage of it instead of using it as a 'fun-year'.

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Survive - Teaching people

An instructor in a tracking and wilderness survival presents to us what and what we ought or needn't do when it occurs that we are in certain areas of the planet.