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Go for and Write down

Breve appunto in lingua inglese sull'utilizzo appropriato dei termini "Go for" e "Write down" con relativi esempi.

Surpass and Go Beyond

Breve appunto in lingua inglese sull'utilizzo appropriato dei termini "Surpass " e "Go Beyond" con relativi esempi.

University - to go or not to go

Breve testo scritto in inglese di riflessione sui pro e i contro di di proseguire gli studi e andare all’università.

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Go Through The Roof and Box Office

Breve appunto in lingua inglese sull'utilizzo appropriato dei termini "Go Through The Roof " e "Box Office " con relativi esempi.

Video appunto correlato

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London - Facts about London

London people, what travellers may see in London when they go to pay a visit to one of the most beutiful city in Europe.

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Verbi irregolari inglesi

Appunto di Inglese che presenta una tabella con i paradigmi dei principali verbi irregolari inglesi: be-was,were-been; do-did-done; go-went-gone.

Donne, John - Metaphysical poetry and poems

Appunto di letteratura inglese con analisi in lingua inglese della corrente poetica metafisica, della vita, dell'estetica e delle opere di John Donne: Go and catch…

Experience of an exchange student

I’d like to talk about my experience as an exchange student.When I was 19 I went to Michigan for 10 months. At the beginning, when my dad suggested me to go

Shakespeare, William - The witches in Macbeth+

The king James I believed that witches existed and therefore gave a go-ahead in witch-hunt. He brought in new laws that permits the execution of most women.

Dialogue: The tourists were found three days later

Appunto di grammatica inglese con un dialogo che racconta “Two tourists in Australia have hired a car to go and visit some aborigine rock art in the outback”

My first ship cruise

I have always wanted to go on a ship cruise, so my father decided to take us on a Mediterranean cruise last summer. We got up at 7 o’clock ,packed an our suitcases…

Many sports.. million of money wested

I follow lots of different sports, and I love practicing sports too. When I was child I used to go with my dad jogging but it was very tiring, so I gave up, and…